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Our Cider Apple Tree Story

We began Cider Babies in 2014, the same year we were married.  We were looking for a business opportunity where  we could work together and apply our life experiences.  We found a common interest in playing in the dirt.  An article about the shortage of cider specific apples got our creative juices fermenting. 
Phillip has a background in wholesale nursery operations, so his first thought was, "We can do this!"
Kristin has previous experience in management.  Her response was, "How can we do this?"
We started with 1,000 seedlings in our backyard.  We have enjoyed the adventures and challenges of building our business together.  Our nursery has expanded to another property here in the fertile Willamette Valley and we are working to increase our operation and varietal selection.
We are excited about the future of the cider industry, and are confident in our ability to supply quality cider specific apple trees for sale. 
We really do grow trees better than we take selfies.
Phillip & Kristin Haworth
Parents of Cider Babies


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